Explanation of the fields on the store connection page

Store name: How you would like to call this store on Inventory Ahead (with no connection on how it is listed on Amazon) Deducting Inventory for FBA shipments: Inventory Ahead automatically deducts Inventory from your local warehouse when you create an FBA shipment. You can select here at which status of the FBA shipment, inventory […]

How to edit your store information

Navigate to the “Settings” page and select “Selling channels”  On the next page, locate the store to be edited and click on the ellipses  > “Edit” On the next page, enter the desired information and click “Update” 

How to get API keys from Inventory Ahead

What is an API key and what can be done with an API key? API is a way to get information from one Software and automatically import them into another Software without much manual work. When getting an API key from Inventory Ahead, permissions can be set to what information the API key will pull […]