Using inventory ahead

Understand the concept of Mains & Subs, and Kits

The above-referenced subject is very important and is every Inventory Ahead user’s secret weapon on how to manage their online businesses at a glance; here is how it works: Mains & subs: Let’s say you buy from your supplier a hundred shampoos for 2 bucks per unit, and you have two different listings on your […]

How to set up your Vacation Settings

Taking a well-deserved break and going on vacation? Or just simply celebrating your holidays? Follow these simple steps to set your inventory to vacation mode, and no one will bother you with questions or orders in your free time! Here is how to do it:  Navigate to the “Settings” page and select “Inventory Rules”  On […]

Why don’t I see all my warehouses on the detailed product page?

All warehouses show up by default on the detailed product page unless there is zero inventory in your warehouse. To see all warehouses follow the instructions below On the detailed product page locate and hit the “show all” icon in the inventory section. This will open all warehouses, including the ones with no inventory.

How to export product information to excel

On the right-hand corner, click the “arrow” pointing downward. Navigate to the “Products” page and click on the Elipses at the top right-hand corner.  Click on the arrow pointing down Select the fields wanted to be exported. If you would like to export all products click “all products.”  Click “export,” and you are all done.

What does the “Allow auto adjustments” setting on locations do?

What the “Allow auto adjustments” does is, that whenever you get a negative number of Inventory in your warehouse, it will automatically adjust the number to 0.  This is ideal for new users before they have uploaded their Inventory and turned on their Inventory rule to report inventory to multi-channels.