FBA shipments

Changing the status when to deduct inventory for FBA shipments

Navigate to the Settings page and click “Selling Channels”  locate your Amazon store you want to change and click on the ellipses, then “Edit”  on the Popup page, under the field “Deducting inventory from FBA shipments”, click on the Dropdown to select whether the inventory should be deducted when the shipment is in “Working” status […]

If I create a shipment on seller central or another Software, will I see the shipment on Inventory Ahead, by the shipping tab? Also, will the Quantity be updated automatically in my local warehouse?

All FBA shipments that are in “Shipped” status and above will be shown in Inventory Ahead and the Quantity will be deducted automatically from your “Default stock location”. Your Default stock location can be found on the following page. https://inventoryahead.com/settings/sellingchannels