How to manually assign an Active or inactive tag to a product

Navigate to the “Products” and select the product on which you would like to assign the tag.  Click on the “Actions” button right above the product list, and select the desired tag.  For additional information about tags, please see the article below.

Adding Your Cost Price

It’s important to remember that every time you create a purchase order the cost will automatically be added, if you need to adjust the price you have to manually edit it. If for any reason this item does not have a purchase order, its a new item or you want to change the cost for […]

How do I export my current stock from Inventory Ahead?

Navigate to the “Products” page and click on the Elipses at the top right-hand corner.  Click on the arrow pointing down On the next page select the fields that you would like to export. E.g. the SKU, Inventory, FBA inventory, and/or Inbound.  Once the desired fields are selected, check on “All products” if you would […]

How to unmap a sub SKU from its main SKU

Navigate to the products page and click on the “Main” SKU  On the next page, locate and click on the sub SKU to be removed.  Click “Actions”  Then select “Convert to Main”  You are all done! 

How To Create An Additional Custom Dashboard On The Product Page.

To create an additional dashboard to keep your two stores, warehouses separate or you need to separate your data or reports, navigate to the “products” page from the left side menu. Click on the “+” sign located at the top. Write the name of your new Dashboard in the respected column. Now you can select […]

How To Print UPC And FNSKU Labels In Inventory Ahead.

To print labels in Inventory Ahead, go to the “listing” page from the left-hand side menu. Select the products to which you want to print labels. Then click on the “Actions” button to choose from the dropdown menu. Select “prints UPC” if you want to print UPC labels or “print FNSKU’ if you want to […]

How to add new products in bulk:

Please go to the left menu and click on “Products”. After that click on the right side up arrow key to upload the products.  When you click on that then you will be landed on the page where you will see a couple of options. You can click on the Update product and select data […]

How To Do A Warehouse Transfer.

Navigate to the “Warehouse transfer” page from Inventory transfer located at the left-hand side menu. Click on the “Add new” button located in the top right corner. Select the warehouse from which you want to transfer inventory in the dropdown menu of the “Ship from” bar. After that, select the warehouse to which you want […]

How To Customize Dashboard On The Products Page.

Go to the “products” page from the left side menu. Click on the “settings” icon on the top right-hand side. Now, you choose which product you want to choose in hidden columns and visible columns. You can do this by dragging the products into the related columns. After that, you can also choose the default […]

How to work around with amazon removals

Amazon removals work similarly to purchase orders, except for the fact that you cannot edit it; you still have the option to view details, receive inventory, add notes to the SKU, print UPC, print the FNSKU label, and mark it as closed. Amazon removals have two kinds of statuses: amazon status and your status. Amazon […]