How much of your May PO is already sold?

Now you can know at a glance.

Great news,


Check out the stuff you PO-ed in May. How much of it is sold?


Now, you can see all that with one glance. Because we’ve just rolled out a handy-dandy little progress bar that lets you see how much you’ve sold ─ right from your PO page.


Cheers ! It’s like x-ray goggles for your PO stats.


Want to see more details? Click any PO for  a progress breakdown by product.

Why it’s awesome:


?? Quickly notice problems like


unlisted products

unlinked subs

late shipments



  Identify your fastest-moving POs.


Make quicker, smarter decisions about what you’ll order next (Hmmm… probably more 3-in-1 Splash Pads…and less Motor Oil 6-Packs)… or whatever.


want more tools to make a seller’s life easier, faster, and more profitable?


Tell us. We’ll get to work on it.


Happy Selling,

The Inventory Ahead Team


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