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How to Create an FBA Shipment with the Projected Replenish Numbers

Home » How to Create an FBA Shipment with the Projected Replenish Numbers

Below is a step-by-step guide on how to create an FBA shipment with the projected replenish numbers.


Navigate to the “Listings” tab on the products page.


By default, all the products show up on the products page. When it comes to replenishment, you can filter the page to see only the products that need to be replenished.


See below how to do so:


Click on “Advanced Filters”. At the “Filter by status” option, type in “Replenish”. Then, select the replenish rule you would like the system to calculate the replenishment.


Click on “Add to filters”, select the greater sign, and then click on “Apply”.


Now the page will be filtered to see only the products that have a replenish amount greater than 0.


Select the items you want to replenish and click on “Replenish”. (You can select all products by clicking on the first check box.)


Here you can still change on specific products the amount to replenish. You can also change the replenish rule on specific products, and it will make the calculation accordingly.


If you are satisfied with the replenish numbers, you can click again on “Replenish”.


Now you will automatically see for every store a separate draft FBA shipment.


At “Shipping from” select the warehouse from where the inventory should be deducted.



At “Packed by”, select if you send your products by case or individual.


You may select the optional fields of “labeled by Amazon” and/or “Manual box setting”.


You can edit any information like quantity and box dimensions. Then click on “Create shipment and exit” for this FBA shipment to be created.


If you have multiple stores, then you do as mentioned above for all the stores.


When the FBA shipment is created, you can go to the FBA shipment page at “Inventory transfers” to complete the shipment.


Click Here for an article on how to complete an FBA shipment.

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