How to create an FBA shipment

On the FBA shipment page, click on “create new.”

Select your warehouse from where items will be shipped (you can change the address we should send to amazon when you click on the add other ship from address). Then select to which Amazon store the shipment is created for.

Then choose how it is packed, case or individual and how you want to submit the information to Amazon. 

Click on “browse” and select your products.

If you choose a case, you need to enter the first time a box config

Click the “add box and packing information”

Fill out the box information and click “save.”

Click “continue”; this will take all your Skus and send it to Amazon; to prevent the shipment from splitting, select one Sku and click continue.

See below for two examples.

Image for one only

Once you click continue, you will see the fulfillment center to where the shipment is going.

On the next page, click “accept shipment.”

If you are unsatisfied with the location given by amazon, head back to step one and continue with different items.

Then you will get to the final working page; if you don’t want to make any changes, just chose your shipping method and shipping carrier and click “submit” or “estimate,” depends if you are using Amazon carrier or not.

If you want to make any changes, click on view contents.

You can add new items or items from master to your plan when you click on “add items.”

Once you click on update changes, you will see a popup message if the shipment is approved by amazon or if adjustments are necessary.

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