How to map Mains & Subs (single)

You also have the option to map Mains & subs in bulk. Click here for a how-to article

Navigate to the Products page.

Locate the SKU that you want to convert to a Sub and click on the ellipsis at the right side of the page.

Click “convert to Sub” 

On the next pop-up screen, enter the Main SKU in the first field, in the second field enter the number of pieces that are in the main SKU, and in the third field, enter the number of pieces that are in the Sub SKU. 

Once you are done with entering this information, click “Convert to Sub”

Once the Main & Sub is mapped, you will see on the Inventory page the MAin SKU only which you will be able to expand and see the Sub that is associated with this Main. 

To learn more about Mains & Subs, please click here

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