How to set up your Vacation Settings

Taking a well-deserved break and going on vacation? Or just simply celebrating your holidays? Follow these simple steps to set your inventory to vacation mode, and no one will bother you with questions or orders in your free time!

Here is how to do it: 

Navigate to the “Settings” page and select “Inventory Rules” 

On the next page, you can either modify your existing rule or add a new rule. 

To modify an existing rule, simply click on the rule name 

To add a new rule, click on “Add new rule” at the top right-hand corner of the page.

On the next window, enter the rule name.

Now you have three options of how to set up the vacation mode setting. 

Option 1: Turn on the “Manual inventory” setting.

  • In the “Inventory” field, enter the number ”0” 
  • Assign the rule to your desired stores by selecting the applicable stores under the “assign to” field. 

The system will now report to all your channels that the stock in your local warehouse is at 0 and you don’t have to worry about any orders during your vacation.

Option 2: Set up your fulfillment latency: 

Select your Inventory rule and enter the warehouse where you want to report inventory from.

Then click on “Advanced options”

Under “Fulfillment latency” enter the number of days it will take you to fulfill your orders. 

Then under the “Assign to” field, assign the rule to your desired store.

With this setting on, your current inventory will be displayed on your channel with the fulfillment time that you have entered in the “Fulfillment latency” field. 

Option 3: Set up your Restock date. 

From your Inventory rule, click on “Advanced options” 

Under ‘Restock date” enter a date when you start shipping out the orders

Then assign it to your desired store. 

With this setting on, your current inventory will be displayed on your channel with the date that the inventory will be restocked. 

Once you are done setting up all the fields, click on “Save rule” and you are all ready for a relaxing vacation! 

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