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Quick Help For Commonly Asked Questions

Quick Help For
Commonly Asked Questions

The maximum amount to upload at once is 5,000 SKUs.

The reason why you can not click into a kit SKU is that a kit does not have its own details page, since it is combined of multiple products.

The reason why you may see that your Amazon store is not syncing is that any software connection to Amazon needs to be reauthorized once every 12 months. You can simply go ahead and reauthorize your Amazon store to Inventory Ahead and all should be good.

There is no option to make a sub for a kit. The way to set up a kit on Inventory Ahead is to put in the main SKU and not the sub-SKU.
If your sub is a multiple pack and you want it to be part of the kit, you add the main of that SKU to the kit, and you can enter the number of units to be included in this kit.

There is no option for a user to get such a file from the front end. You can request such a file from support, and it will be prepared for you from the backend.

When selecting on the Sales report “Group by Transaction”, you will get a detailed sales report with each transaction separately.

The system takes the cost of goods from the cost price entered in the product information. If there is a Purchase Order with a later date than the cost date entered on the product, the system will take the cost from the Purchase order and not from the product information.

On the product details page, the cost of an item is automatically updated from the POs. The cost + shipping you only see on the product details page if it was entered on the product itself. The reason why you do not see the updated cost + shipping from a PO is that you can not enter a shipping price on a product itself on a PO but only on the entire PO.

The reason why when listing a product the Asin is not being listed might be that Amazon is rejecting this product due to their restrictions and regulations. You may review the listing information of this product to ensure that it is not missing any information.

Currently, we do not offer the option to see an amount to replenish to WFS on Walmart-fulfilled items.

We do not have access to the deposit methods, therefore, this issue does not seem to be related to Inventory Ahead. You can outreach to Amazon for the reasoning behind why it is happening.
In addition, it might be another software connected to your Seller Central account that triggers this to happen.

A case configuration can have two digits after the decimal, if it has more than that, the information will not be updated.

You can get this information from the inventory balance page under reports when selecting the desired date range.

Currently, our profit and loss report for Etsy does not include PPC- advertising fees.

On the profit report, when clicking into the SKU, you can see the shipping cost from a seller to Amazon FBA.

When mapping 2 SKUs as a main and sub the main’s information is automatically assigned to the sub. Therefore, on the reports, all the prior sales on the sub will be calculated with the main’s cost price starting from the main’s cost date.

To get the items and the cost amount that have been sold for a specific settlement, you can select on the Profit report the date range of your settlement, and export from there all the desired data.

When uploading inventory, it is being updated according to the amount uploaded, regardless of how much inventory this product had before. Therefore, it is not necessary to remove the old inventory.

This error message means that the QTY of units can not be divided by the Qty Per Case. For example, Qty to Ship is 1 and Qty Per Case is 2. This is incorrect because 1 is not divisible as a whole number by 2. The qty to ship refers to the qty of units you are shipping.

Inventory Ahead can integrate with any software using FTP files. Channel Max is most commonly used.

It could take anywhere between 1-2 hours and sometimes longer.