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Category: Faq

What Are 2D Labels?

2D labels on an FBA shipment are a replica of – and can be used in stead of – regular shipment labels.

How Do Returns Work In Inventory Ahead?

So the way we work with returns is as follows. For FBA returns, we receive a report from Amazon including the following information: SKUs, Qty, Returned Qty. Once Amazon has

What Happens With Retired Products From Walmart?

Once a product is being marked “Retired” on Walmart, it won’t be removed from Inventory Ahead, instead it will be marked and considered as “Inactive”. Furthermore, no inventory updates done

How to Avoid the Splitting of FBA Shipments

Have you ever found yourself frustrated with Amazon’s tendency to split your carefully planned FBA shipments, causing delays and extra expenses? We understand your pain, and that’s why we’re excited

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