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Group By Variation on the Profit Reports

Viewed 0 On the profit reports you have the option to group your products into certain categories. Part of the options is “Group by Variation” and “Group by Store Variation”.

Special Character SKUs in a PO

Viewed 0 When product SKUs are imported with special characters, Inventory Ahead/marketplace may not be able to read them, causing them not to appear on the website. Click Here for

How to Edit a Supplier

Viewed 1 Navigate to “Suppliers” on the settings page to edit the supplier details. Click on the ellipses of that supplier and click on “Edit”. Here you can edit the

Not Deducting Quantity for an FBA Shipment

Viewed 0 The following factors might be the reason why the inventory of products within an FBA shipment is not being deducted. Check on the settings page at “locations” if

Why are things on the website cut off?

Viewed 0 The reason why things on the website are cut off might be due to the size of the browser. You can adjust the browser to avoid this from

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