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Category: FBA Shipments

Why Does my Item Show “Inbound”?

Viewed 2 The reason why an item shows inbound on the “Listings” page is that this product is in an FBA shipment that is not yet received by Amazon. Once

FBA Inbound Eligibility Error Code & Description

Viewed 34 Error Code Error Message FBA_INB_0004 Missing package dimensions. This product is missing necessary information; dimensions need to be provided in the manufacturer’s original packaging. FBA_INB_0006 The SKU for

Not Deducting Quantity for an FBA Shipment

Viewed 0 The following factors might be the reason why the inventory of products within an FBA shipment is not being deducted. Check on the settings page at “locations” if

FBA Shipment on Inventory Ahead

Viewed 0 A major component of being an Amazon FBA seller is the process of FBA shipments. Most of us find it difficult to manage the amount to replenish and

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