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Category: Reports

Cost Price Not Showing on Reports

Viewed 4 Have you tried editing the cost price for your products and they’re not reflecting in the system? The reason it most likely didn’t update is because our system

Where To Locate FBA Fees Per Product

Viewed 2 Generally you would find that data under profit reports’ order details. However, that would only show up for products that have already had orders. In order to see

Profit Report- Search by SKU

Viewed 3 To search for profit by SKU, navigate to the Reports page and click on ‘Profit’.     Enter the Main SKU in the search engine and press enter.

Group By Variation on the Profit Reports

Viewed 0 On the profit reports you have the option to group your products into certain categories. Part of the options is “Group by Variation” and “Group by Store Variation”.

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