Category: Using Inventory Ahead

Can not attach a PDF to a PO

The answer to this question of, why you can not attach a PDF to a PO, might be the PDF size. To determine if the size of the PDF is

Cost Price Information

Inventory Ahead gives you the option to keep track of your costs of products so that the profit reports should have accurate information. Below are some factors to keep in

How To Track Purchase Orders

Would you like to keep track of all your open POs that you will be receiving, so you see a list of items that will be coming in and from

Changing an FBM product to FBA on Amazon

When changing an FBM product to FBA on Amazon, you first need to take off from this product the inventory rule that already exists on Inventory Ahead, in order for

How to setup tags

Navigate to the settings page, and select “Tags”. Click on “Add new tag”. Enter the tag name, choose a color, and press “Add new tag” There are two ways to

How to use tags

Tags get utilized when there are categories of products. When you assign a Tag to a category you can filter the page and see only the category with the assigned

How do I add my cost price to my products?

There are two options:  Add cost in bulk. Add the cost to an individual item.  To add the Cost to your products in bulk; Navigate to the “Products” page and

Adding Your Cost Price

It’s important to remember that every time you create a purchase order the cost will automatically be added, if you need to adjust the price you have to manually edit

How to delete a warehouse transfer

On the “Warehouse transfers” page, open the transfer that you would like to delete and click “Delete” at the top of the page. On the next page, confirm the delete