Category: Using Inventory Ahead

How To Search By Brands in the Profit Report

To search by brands in the profit report, go to the reports page>click on the dropdown on the right-hand side and select “Group by Brand”. All Brands will populate.

How to Add a Shipping Date to a PO PDF

You can add a “Shipping date” to a PO PDF when adding the date as a comment on the Purchase Order. Then the shipping date will show up on the

Group By Variation on the Profit Reports

On the profit reports you have the option to group your products into certain categories. Part of the options is “Group by Variation” and “Group by Store Variation”. The difference

How to get the information of products printed

If you would like to have your product information printed, you can follow the simple steps below:  On the Inventory page, click on the ellipses on the right side and

Not Deducting Quantity for an FBA Shipment

The following factors might be the reason why the inventory of products within an FBA shipment is not being deducted. Check on the settings page at “locations” if the default

Why are things on the website cut off?

The reason why things on the website are cut off might be due to the size of the browser. You can adjust the browser to avoid this from happening.

FBA Shipment on Inventory Ahead

A major component of being an Amazon FBA seller is the process of FBA shipments. Most of us find it difficult to manage the amount to replenish and pack it