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How to update your cost price on a PO (bulk)

On the “Purchasing” page, locate the PO that you would like to change the pricing on and click the ellipses at the right side of the PO then select “Edit

How to update the cost on your products

There are two options on how to update the cost for your items: Option 1: Update Cost on an Individual product Option 2: Update Cost in bulk: Update Cost on

Understand the concept of Mains & Subs, and Kits

The above-referenced subject is very important and is every Inventory Ahead user’s secret weapon on how to manage their online businesses at a glance; here is how it works: Mains

How To Customize Your Purchase Order PDF:

Before sending PDF purchase orders (PO) to your supplier you can set up customized templates of the layout and choose which information it should include. Navigate to purchasing tab, locate

How to unmap a sub SKU from its main SKU

Navigate to the products page and click on the “Main” SKU  On the next page, locate and click on the sub SKU to be removed.  Click “Actions”  Then select “Convert

How To Add A Supplier To Inventory Ahead.

Navigate to the “settings” page from the left-side menu. Select “suppliers” on the settings page. Click on the “add new supplier” in the top right corner. Fill in all the

How Do My POs Get Reported To Quickbooks?

First, you need to connect Quickbooks to Inventory Ahead. You can connect it by going to the “settings” page and then “Quickbooks” channels. Once Quickbook is connected to Inventory Ahead,