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Category: Using Inventory Ahead

Where To Locate FBA Fees Per Product

Generally you would find that data under profit reports’ order details. However, that would only show up for products that have already had orders. In order to see that data

Profit Report- Search by SKU

To search for profit by SKU, navigate to the Reports page and click on ‘Profit’.     Enter the Main SKU in the search engine and press enter. Make sure

How to Receive Damaged Inventory

If some items in your PO arrive damaged, here is how you would receive damaged inventory:   1-Navigate to the Purchase orders screen. 2-Click on ‘Receive Inventory’ on the top

How to Add a Shipping Date to a PO PDF

You can add a “Shipping date” to a PO PDF when adding the date as a comment on the Purchase Order.       Then the shipping date will show

Group By Variation on the Profit Reports

In the profit reports, you have the option to group your products into specific categories.   Among the available options are “Group by Variation” and “Group by Store Variation”. The

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