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How to map mains & subs in bulk

Navigate to the Products page. Click on the ellipses at the upper right-hand corner of the page and select the “Up arrow” On the next page, select “Update products”  Under

How to map Mains & Subs (single)

You also have the option to map Mains & subs in bulk. Click here for a how-to article Navigate to the Products page. Locate the SKU that you want to

How to export product information to excel

On the right-hand corner, click the “arrow” pointing downward. Navigate to the “Products” page and click on the Elipses at the top right-hand corner.  Click on the arrow pointing down

How to convert kits in bulk

On the inventory page, click the arrow on the right-hand top corner. Click “updates products.” Under data type, Select “kits.” Select “drop files here or browser.” Select the proper file.

How to upload inventory in bulk

Navigate to the “Products” page and click on the ellipses at the top right-hand corner of the page, then click on the “Up arrow”  Click on “update inventory,” then select

What are tags, and how to set them up.

What are tags? Tags are made to categorize items for easier identification and more accessible search options. On the settings page, select “tags.” On the right-hand corner, click on the

How to assign a box configuration to items in bulk

From the Inventory page, click on the “up” arrow. This will take you to the “Update Products” page. Select option “Update Products” Under “Data type” select “Case configuration”  At the

Common issues with creating Self Ship orders

Amazon Shipping not displaying PDF with Label is not displaying     Amazon Shipping not displaying You must allow Buy Shipping API in seller central please see link bellow Allow

Creating, Adding, Assign Sub to Main Products

Navigate to the products page. On the Top Right side, you will see a small icon “Import” click on that, then select Products.   Download the import template from the

New to mains and subs learn the concept

Make sure you’re linking main-SKUs to sub-SKUs.This is every seller’s secret weapon. If you want to avoid unexpected shortages and master inventory tracking, make sure you read this article.