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FBA Shipment on Inventory Ahead


A crucial aspect of being an Amazon FBA seller is managing FBA shipments, and Inventory Ahead aims to simplify this process, making it as easy as possible. Here are some helpful points to note about FBA shipments on Inventory Ahead:


  •  An FBA shipment created on IA will only appear in your Seller Central account once it reaches the “Working” status.
  •  A shipment created on Amazon will only be visible in IA once it is in the “Shipped” status.
  • You can delete an FBA shipment on Inventory Ahead only if it is in “Draft” or “Plan” status. For instructions on how to do this, refer to this article: [Click Here](link to the article). Once the shipment is in “Working” status, you can only delete it through your Seller Central account.
  •  If you delete a receiving FBA shipment, the inventory will be correctly updated.
  • When you reach step 1 of a shipment and select “Continue,” if you are satisfied with the location assigned by Amazon, you must accept it within two days. Otherwise, the FBA shipment ID becomes invalid, and you will need to select “Continue” again in step 1 to receive a new location from Amazon.


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