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FBA Shipment on Inventory Ahead

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A major component of being an Amazon FBA seller is the process of FBA shipments. Most of us find it difficult to manage the amount to replenish and pack it in boxes. Inventory Ahead is here to simplify this process, it should be as easy as can be.

Below you will find some helpful factors you might not know regarding FBA shipments on Inventory Ahead.

  • An FBA shipment that was made on IA, can only be seen in your Seller Central account once it is in “Working” status.
  • A shipment that was made on Amazon, can only be seen in IA once this shipment is in “Shipped” status.
  • You can only delete an FBA shipment on Inventory Ahead when it is in “Draft” or “Plan” status. Click Here for an article on how to do this. Once it is in the “Working” status you can only delete it through your Seller Central account.
  • If you delete a receiving FBA shipment the inventory will be updated correctly.
  • When you select “Continue” at step 1 of a shipment, and you are happy with the location Amazon is giving you, you must accept it within two days, otherwise, the FBA shipment ID becomes invalid, and you will have to select again “Continue” at step 1 and Amazon will give you a new location.
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