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How To Customize Your Purchase Order PDF:

Before sending PDF purchase orders (PO) to your supplier you can set up customized templates of the layout and choose which information it should include. Navigate to purchasing tab, locate

Prosper show email

Prosper show email Greetings, InventoryAhead would like to provide you with a behind-the-scenes “sneak peek” of our findings after exhibiting the “PROSPER SHOW 2021” When it comes to operating an

New shipping features (the world is NOT over yet).

Hey All, We hope you’re hanging in there while COVID-19 takes over the world. Here’s some GOOD news from our (socially distanced but still hard-at-work) development team. New self-ship features

Here’s what sellers like you are doing right now

QUARANTINe-VENTORY. It’s a thing.   How are you staying productive in quarantine?   Now is actually the BEST time to set up your automated inventory tracking with Inventory Ahead.