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Inventory Ahead The A-Z of eCommerce in One Place


Establishing an online business can prove to be an
arduous task, which demands the efficient management
of inventory, marketing, shipping, and logistics, along
with data-driven insights for process optimization.

Though there are several solutions in existence that claim to
address this challenge, more often than not, businesses are forced
to shuttle between different software providers, in turn, creating a
lack of interoperability among disparate solutions.
Inventory Ahead, an advanced eCommerce platform, brings
together the aforementioned areas of eCommerce in an allinclusive
package, thereby helping clients address the A-Z of
eCommerce. Zindy Feuerwerger, CEO of Inventory Ahead,
explains, “We help clients in creating purchase orders, receiving
products in the warehouse, managing profits, shipping, and
everything in between.”
Inventory Ahead provides an end-to-end eCommerce platform
that initiates a systematic process for inventory management. The
process starts with creating a purchase order for suppliers, all the
while checking on the availability of warehouses. The company
uses its proprietary smart algorithm to instruct clients regarding the
inventory tracking functions to improve the shipping operations.
In creating the purchase order, Inventory Ahead provides
guidance to its clients about the amount of purchase to be made,
which is followed by receiving the purchase order within the
warehouse. The company also assists clients to ship the products
with accurate market data, thereby synchronizing inventory with
multiple marketplaces. This comprehensive inventory tracking
system sets the company apart in the industry, with the added
advantage of the transaction details being produced to the client
with a proper cost break down.
In order to streamline inventory management further for
clients, the company has put together a strategic onboarding
methodology that interconnects various distribution channels
while aggregating the necessary information pertaining to the
client’s business. Upon onboarding, Inventory Ahead provides
several inventory suggestions to maximize the revenue generation
for clients based on the data collected. The process is further
bolstered by advanced features such as profit management,
inventory forecasting and reordering suggestions, direct channel
connectivity, shipment creation and monitoring, and more. With
regards to profit management, Inventory Ahead takes into account
the fee charged by the clients while engaging with their customers
to generate an exact profit margin, with the breakup on each stock

keeping unit (SKU). This function helps the clients to reduce the
additional financial expenditure associated with surplus inventory
and projects that are no longer profitable, thereby empowering
them to invest smartly. Besides, Inventory Ahead facilitates smart
shipping for its clients by avoiding the splitting of shipments as
done by other players in the marketplace. The company operates
seamlessly with major shipping carriers such as USPS, UPS, and
FedEx, all of which enables the clients to ship their orders directly
to customers.

“We help clients in creating
purchase orders, receiving
products in the warehouse,
managing profits, shipping, and
everything in between”

Along with these commendable features, functionalities,
and processes, Inventory Ahead also provides exemplary client
support. The company has simplified its vision to support clients
through strategic initiatives featuring interactive videos and
stories that help users understand every business function on their
own as they sign up.
Having established a strong foothold in the eCommerce
world, Inventory Ahead plans to integrate retail with eCommerce,
and thus, reiterating the idea of having everything in one place.
This strategic roadmap helps the clients not only with eCommerce
but also with the retail stores. Furthermore, the company is
working on the development of a phone application to keep track
of the warehouses and inventory through a scanner function. The
advancement would pave the way for a handheld device that can
assist warehouse operators in carrying out logistics and shipping
operations effortlessly. Such functionalities would revitalize the
inventory management space, armed with the latest and greatest
technological innovations.

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