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What is NARF?

NARF, which stands for North American Remote Fulfillment program, provides several benefits to Amazon sellers. Here are some advantages of using NARF:


1. Expanded Market Reach: With NARF, sellers can display their inventory stored in U.S. warehouses on Amazon’s Canadian and Mexican marketplaces. This allows sellers to tap into a larger customer base without the need to ship and store inventory in those specific countries.


2. Centralized Inventory: Your U.S.-based inventory becomes a centralized cache. So if you have 300 units available in the U.S., those 300 units will automatically become available to customers using .ca and .mx.


3. Simplified SKU Management: NARF utilizes a single global SKU for your product, eliminating the need for different FNSKUs for each marketplace. This simplifies inventory management and reduces the complexity of creating multiple listings for the same product.

4. Cost Savings: The NARF program is an ideal way for Amazon eCommerce sellers based in North America to save money and reach more customers. NARF helps businesses experiment with global expansion without having to go beyond their existing operations.


How Do You Enroll in Amazon’s NARF Program?

To enroll in NARF visit this page (you must be logged into Seller Central).





From that link, registration is as simple as a couple of clicks of your mouse.

To view more information, click on the below link:


Happy Selling!

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