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You have SKUs that are not synching inventory correctly


You may have observed an orange banner spanning across the Inventory Ahead platform, displaying the message: “You have x SKUs that are not syncing inventory correctly. Download Report.” 

What this means, is that our system is currently reporting inventory for your merchant-fulfilled product(s) to your marketplace. However, the inventory data is being rejected as invalid due to one of three possible reasons.

Download the report to see a detailed breakdown of the reason, which is displayed in column ‘G’ in the CSV file:


Here’s what each of the reasons means:

  1. UnknownMarketplaceInventory – This message can appear for various reasons. We recommend contacting us at so that our team can investigate the issue and provide you with further information and assistance.
  2. InventoryInOtherMarketplaceWarehouse – In Walmart or Shopify, you may have set up a secondary warehouse. Since our system can only report to one warehouse per marketplace. This can lead to conflicting data when we receive information from two warehouses.
  3. SkusUploadingInventoryWithoutLinkRule – You may have had an inventory rule assigned to this product. However, if the rule was subsequently removed without being replaced, our system would be unable to determine the appropriate number to report.

Naturally, this report is intended for informational purposes, providing you with awareness of your inventory and how it is reported to your marketplace. Ideally, it is best to ensure that all products report accurate inventory to avoid any confusion, discrepancies, or overselling situations.

With that being said, here’s how you can effectively manage your inventory:

1. If you encounter any unknown reasons or issues regarding inventory, please get in touch with us so that we can provide guidance based on the information available in our records.

2. For secondary warehouses in Walmart or Shopify, it is recommended to either zero out the inventory in your secondary warehouse/facility or remove it entirely. This ensures that Inventory Ahead will report inventory only from your primary warehouse. If you need assistance in locating your secondary fulfillment center in Walmart, please refer to the provided article.

Where do I locate my secondary warehouse in Walmart?

3. Assign a valid inventory rule or set it to ‘Manual’ to ensure consistent reporting of inventory.

Please note: The orange banner will only disappear once all products have been addressed to report accurate inventory.

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