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What Can I do If Inventory Ahead Displays an Incorrect Image for One of my SKUs?

If an incorrect product image accidentally shows up in Inventory Ahead, fret no more! We have implemented a feature so that our users can update images themselves in a blink of any eye. As of now, a SKU must have an Amazon listing to allow users to update the product image on the front end. For SKUs that don’t have an Amazon listing, reach out to Inventory Ahead Support to get it updated for you. In the future, a feature will be added to allow updating images for other marketplaces as well.

Kindly head to the SKU, and klick on it to get to the Product Details page. Select the listings and hit ‘Actions’.

You’re all done! A success message will pop up on the bottom saying that the action was successful.

Clear cache, and the image should be updated.

More FAQs inside

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