New shipping features (the world is NOT over yet).

Hey All,

We hope you’re hanging in there while COVID-19 takes over the world.

Here’s some GOOD news from our (socially distanced but still hard-at-work) development team.

New self-ship features are here!

We’ve been working on a new, updated platform that will give you an incredibly clean & easy user experience. It’s not fully ready for release yet, but to help fight back against COVID-19, we’re giving you early access to the new self-ship features.

Streamline your workflow and quickly adapt to FBA limits with 2 new sanity-saving solutions:

  1. 1. Compare Rates & Save 

Compare rates between all shipping companies associated with your account to select the best pricing.









Works for bulk shipments as well


  1.  Create & Print Packing Slips

Create, print, scan, ship. Workflow just got a lot more streamlined.


Login here to get started with these new features.

If you need support, or want to request more features, give us a shout.

We won’t tell you to wash your hands. But…try to stay healthy, okay? And keep your chin up. This too shall pass.

-Happy Selling,

The Inventory Ahead Team


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