How To Customize Your Purchase Order PDF:

Before sending PDF purchase orders (PO) to your supplier you can set up customized templates of the layout and choose which information it should include.

Navigate to purchasing tab, locate the desired purchase order and select “Download PDF statement”

The system’s default purchase order will pop up. Now is your chance to customize it. 

Select “create new” (or “Update” when updating/editing an old template)

Enter your desired template name. And save it.

Now select that template name and start customizing.

“Branding and Styling.” You here have the option to upload a logo, adjust size, font, color and add ship to or bill to address to your PO.

“Item Grid” Here you have the option of selecting and deselecting which information should appear on the item grid on your PO. Next to the % you can change the amount of percentage/space each option should have. (Wrap description shortens the description and is available only when description is selected.) Save.

“Footer” Here you can choose to specialize the bottom of your PO by adding any special notes, welcome note, select address and barcode to appear. Save. Be sure to select “update” after editing a customized PO.


So now, when selecting any PO you will have the option of using the custom PO template you created.

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