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Category: Using Inventory Ahead

Adding Your Cost Price

  It is important to note that whenever you create a purchase order, the cost will be automatically added. If you need to adjust the price, you will have to

How to delete a warehouse transfer

    On the “Warehouse transfers” page, open the transfer that you would like to delete and click “Delete” at the top of the page. On the next page, confirm

How To Export Supplier Information to Excel

Go to Settings > Suppliers. Click on the ⬇ arrow at the top right-hand side corner. On the following popup, select the desired columns, check “All suppliers”, and “Export”.

How to update the cost on your products

There are two options on how to update the cost for your items: Option 1: Update Cost for an Individual product. Option 2: Update Cost in bulk. Update Cost for

Understand the concept of Mains & Subs, and Kits

The above-mentioned subject is of great importance and serves as a secret weapon for managing online businesses effectively with Inventory Ahead. Here’s how it works:   Mains & Subs:  

How To Customize Your Purchase Order PDF:

    Before sending PDF purchase orders (PO) to your supplier, you have the option to set up customized templates to define the layout and choose the specific information to

How To Add A Supplier To Inventory Ahead.

    Navigate to the “settings” page from the left-side menu. Select “suppliers” on the settings page. Click on the “Add new supplier” in the top right corner. Fill all

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