Category: Using Inventory Ahead

Here’s what sellers like you are doing right now

QUARANTINe-VENTORY. It’s a thing.   How are you staying productive in quarantine?   Now is actually the BEST time to set up your automated inventory tracking with Inventory Ahead.  

Adding Sub to main on the website

Go to products page Navigate to your sub item click on actions and Select convert to Sub Search For the Main Sku and assign the right quantity for example if

Creating FBA Shipment

Navigate to the FBA shipment page Click on create new   Select your warehouse from where you physically ship the items (you can change the address we should send to

Where to enter quantity per case for an item

From the detailed product page, select which SKU you want to assign the box to. Then click on “Actions” Select “Edit” This will take you to the edit page, under

New shipping features (the world is NOT over yet).

Hey All, We hope you’re hanging in there while COVID-19 takes over the world. Here’s some GOOD news from our (socially distanced but still hard-at-work) development team. New self-ship features