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Understand the concept of Mains & Subs, and Kits

The above-mentioned subject is of great importance and serves as a secret weapon for managing online businesses effectively with Inventory Ahead. Here’s how it works:


Mains & Subs:


Suppose you purchase a hundred shampoos from your supplier at a cost of $2 per unit, and you have two different listings on your selling channels. One listing sells the shampoo as a single unit, while the other sells it as a 2-pack. Traditionally, managing these listings would require jumping back and forth to check the sales volume for each listing and making separate decisions based on the findings. It can be quite a headache. However, the concept of “Mains & Subs” provides a powerful and simple solution. Here’s how it works:

Designate the SKU you want to manage inventory for as the “Main” SKU. Any other SKUs that represent the same product, regardless of whether it’s a single pack or a multi-pack, will be converted into “Sub” SKUs. Inventory Ahead will then consolidate the sales history from all the sub SKUs and display it under the main SKU. This makes it much easier to make informed decisions about reordering and inventory management, as everything is consolidated under a single SKU.


Now let’s move on to “Kits”:


What if you also purchase a conditioner from your supplier and sell it together with the shampoo mentioned earlier? This presents a bigger challenge, but Inventory Ahead has a solution for that too.

With Inventory Ahead, you can take the selling SKU that includes the shampoo and conditioner and convert it into a “Kit” SKU. During the conversion process, you specify which items are included in the kit. When it’s time to reorder, you can view the combined data for both the subs and kits under the main SKU, simplifying the management of your inventory.

Overall, the “Mains & Subs” and “Kits” features in Inventory Ahead streamline inventory management, making it easier to track sales and make informed decisions about reordering.


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