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How to assign Pricing Rules to more than one item

Home » How to assign Pricing Rules to more than one item

Below you will find a step-by-step guide on how to assign a pricing rule to one or more items. This option can be used instead of assigning a pricing rule to a store, or, to override any assigned pricing rule to specific listings.

Navigate to the “Listings” tab on the products page.





Select the listings you would like to assign a pricing rule to them.



You also have the option of selecting all the listings on this page by clicking on the first checkbox.




Click on “Actions” on the lefthand corner of the page, and select the option “Assign Price Rule”.




Select from the dropdown the pricing rule that you would like to assign to the selected items.




Then, click on “save”



Now, all the selected products have been assigned a pricing rule. You can also assign/override a pricing rule to an individual listing by clicking on the pen next to the existing rule and selecting from the dropdown the rule you would like to assign.





Then, click on “save”.




Now your pricing rule is assigned to this listing. Please note that it may take some time until the minimum and maximum amounts will be updated for each listing.

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