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“Something Went Wrong” Error When Trying to Continue with FBA Shipment

There may be various reasons for this error. However, one common cause is related to the authorization of your Amazon store. Amazon requires you to re-authorize your store every 12 months. If this re-authorization is not done, it can result in restrictions on your Amazon account.

To resolve this issue, Inventory Ahead provides a simple and easy solution. Follow these steps:

1. Navigate to Settings > Selling Channels.
2. Locate your Amazon store.
3. Click on the three dots on the right-hand side of your store.
4. Select “Edit” > “Re-Authorize Store” and follow the prompts provided.

If the error persists and it is not related to the store authorization, please contact our support team at One of our agents will be available to review the matter and assist you further.


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