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How to Upload Items to an FBA Shipment Via CSV

Importing all the items via a CSV to an FBA Shipment can greatly simplify and enhance your replenishment process.


Here’s a guide on how to accomplish this:

When replenishing items per case, make sure to label your CSV headers with the following information:


  1. SKU: Enter the SKU of the item you want to replenish.
  2. Box Units: Specify the number of units that come in each case.
  3. Boxes: Indicate the quantity of cases you would like to replenish for this particular item



  • Navigate to Inventory Transfers>FBA Shipments
  • Enter a shipping from and shipping to location.
  • Make sure that ‘Packed by Case’ is selected.
  • Be sure that ‘Manual Box Setting’ and ‘Auto Fill Box Info’ are checked.



  • Click on ‘Import from CSV, and import your file.
  • The system may ask you to map some headers. If yes, do so.
  • The page should look like this once the file has been imported.



  • Continue with shipment as usual.


FBA Shipment per Unit:

Your CSV should Have the following headers:

  1. SKU
  2. Quantity



  • Make sure that Packed by Individual is selected.



  • Import from CSV.


Your page should look like this:



  • Continue with your shipment as usual!
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