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Differences Between Location Types On A Warehouse

There are three location types for a warehouse at Inventory Ahead.

Type #1:  Address

Type #2: Warehouse

Type #3: 3’rd Party Warehouse

Below is an explanation of the differences between these location types.

Type #1: Address


The provided address is solely for reference purposes and does not correspond to an actual warehouse. Tracking inventory at this location is not possible. If you utilize this address for customer orders or FBA shipments, it will appear on the label, but inventory deductions will be made from a different warehouse.

Type #2: Warehouse


This warehouse serves as the primary location for inventory tracking. Here, you will receive purchase orders, fulfill customer orders, and manage your FBA shipments.

Type #3: 3’rd Party Warehouse


The third-party warehouse option is utilized when an external company stores your inventory. When an order is received, the 3rd Party warehouse will fulfill and dispatch the order from their own warehouse.

Now, you can go ahead and set up your locations.

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