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How to Export Your Inventory Stock and Other Product Information

Exporting a file with your current stock – whether per warehouse or total inventory per SKU, as well as any other relevant information – is as simple as a few clicks!


Firstly, anything you wish to export, must first be visible on your dashboard. In order to accomplish that, follow these steps:


1. Go to the Inventory Page. On the right side, click “Customize“.


2. You’ll see a list of “Hidden Columns” and “Visible Columns“. Click on the ➡ arrow to get it to the visible section. You can also drag back from visible to hidden columns if you don’t need those columns on the dashboard.


Note, you will also find a list of each of your warehouses. When these columns are visible, they will display the inventory amount of that warehouse itself, or column “Inventory” to see the sum total of all stock.


3. Then click “Save” on the bottom of the page.


Once your desired columns are visible on dashboard, continue to export a CSV file.


4. Click on the ⬇ arrow at the top right-hand corner.


5. Select SKU, your desired warehouse, and any other relevant columns. You can also select “Inventory” for a sum of all inventory per SKU.


6. Check “All products” and “Export“. 


See screenshot for demonstration:


More FAQs inside

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