How to connect a Wayfair store to Inventory Ahead

Follow the steps below to connect your Wayfair store with Inventory Ahead:

In your Wayfair account, navigate to “Application” in the “Developer” column.

Click on “New application” to make two applications, a “production” application, and a “sandbox” application.

Then click on edit to get the client ID.

Select the client ID and then “rotate secret” to get the secret.

Now, go to your Inventory Ahead account.

At “Selling Channels” on the Settings page, select to add a Wayfair Store.

Enter your desired store name and then the information you got from your Wayfair account.

To get your “Wayfair Warehouse ID”, you can go to “Documentation” under “Developer” in your Wayfair account.

Select “Inventory Management page” under the “Testing Inventory” tab.

Select “Import Inventory”

Under “List of warehouses and IDs” you can find the Supplier ID which is the “Wayfair Warehouse ID” to enter in Inventory Ahead.

Enter the “Wayfair Warehouse ID” and click on “connect”

Now Inventory Ahead will automatically run an inventory test with Wayfair.

If your account passes the test you are all set with the integration of your Wayfair account and Inventory Ahead!

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