How to create a Purchase order

On the purchasing page, click “add new.”

Enter the supplier name. (the rest is optional when creating and can be added when receiving)

To upload items to the PO in bulk, click “Import from CSV” then drop the desired file in the section shown below or click on “Browser” 

If clicked on “Browser”, then select the proper file, and click “open,” and the file will show up

Or click on browse to select individual items through an inventory page pop-up.

Select units or cases and then enter the desired amounts.

Scroll up and click “save.”

What is a vendor SKU?

The SKU your supplier uses to identify the items. Since some sellers have a different SKU for each item than their suppliers, to avoid miscommunication with the products when making a PO, enter the vendor SKU so your supplier/vendor can identify the item easily.

Please click here for an article on how to receive a Purchase order

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