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How to create a Purchase order

On the purchasing page, click “add new.”

Enter the supplier name. (The remaining information is optional and can be added later during the creation process or when receiving the items.)

To upload items to the purchase order (PO) in bulk, follow these steps:

1. Click on “Import from CSV” to initiate the bulk upload process.

2. You will see a section where you can drop the desired file. Simply drag and drop the CSV file containing the item information into this section.

3. Alternatively, you can click on “Browser” to locate and select the CSV file from your computer manually.

If you click on “Browser,” a file selection window will appear. choose the appropriate file, and click “Open” to display the selected file.

Or click on browse to select individual items through an inventory page pop-up.

Select units or cases and then enter the desired amounts.

Scroll up and click the “Save.” button.

What is a vendor SKU?

The vendor SKU refers to the SKU used by your supplier to identify the items. It is worth noting that some sellers may have different SKUs for each item compared to their suppliers. To prevent any miscommunication or confusion regarding the products when creating a purchase order (PO), it is important to enter the vendor SKU. By providing the vendor SKU, you enable your supplier or vendor to easily identify the item and ensure accurate fulfillment of your orders.

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