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How to print UPC and FNSKU labels in Inventory Ahead

Printing a label on Inventory Ahead is a straightforward process that remains consistent across all pages. Regardless of the specific page you are on, there is a universal method for printing labels. Below, you will find a brief explanation along with screenshots illustrating the location and appearance of the printing option on each page.

To print a label for a specific SKU in Inventory Ahead, click on the small box located on the left-hand side of the SKU. This selection will trigger a pop-up with an “Actions” button. Choose the option that best suits your needs: either “Print UPC” or “Print FNSKU.”

1. On the PO page:

2. On the products page: (applies only to listings.)

3. For UPC products on the products page: (for inventory and kits)

4. On FBA shipments items: (UPC will show up if the product has a UPC)

5. On the Warehouse Transfer page: 

6. On the Amazon removals page:

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