How to print UPC and FNSKU labels in Inventory Ahead

Printing a label on Inventory Ahead is simple and does not differ from page to page; there is one general way of doing it, and it works on every page the same. Below you will get a short explanation on how to do it, with screenshots of where it is and how it looks on every page.

On the SKU you would like to print, click on the small box on the left-hand side. On the pop-up “Actions” button that popped up, click on whichever option you prefer: print UPC or print FNSKU.

1. On the PO page:

2. On the products page: (applies only to listings.)

3. For UPC products on the products page: (for inventory and kits)

4. On FBA shipments items: (UPC will show up if the product has a UPC)

5. On the Warehouse Transfer page: 

6. On the Amazon removals page:

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