How To Set Up Inventory Rules

Inventory rules are used on FBM products, so your warehouse inventory should automatically be updated to assigned marketplaces. Whenever a sale on an assigned store occurs, all other assigned stores will be updated. Below you will find a step-by-step guide on how to create your inventory rules.

Navigate to the “Inventory Rules” on the settings page.

Select “Add new rule”.

Enter a rule name.

Now you can select from the dropdown the warehouse from where your inventory will be reported to the marketplace.

Assign to one or multiple stores or select all.

You can now enter a max quantity (optional). The system will report inventory up to the max quantity you will select.

To prevent overselling, select “favorite store settings”. (optional) Enter your favorite store and a trashhold amount.

When this setting is on, whenever your local inventory reaches your trashhold amount, your inventory will only be available in your favorite store, and all other stores will show inventory as out of stock. Select “Save rule”

You are all set up with your inventory Rule!

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