Shipstation Integration With Inventory Ahead

When navigating to “Selling Channels” on the settings page, there is an option to connect your Shipstation account with Inventory Ahead.

There are two benefits that Shipstation integration with Inventory Ahead provides.

Number 1: You can track your cost of shipping. When Shipstation is connected, your profit zone automatically includes your shipping costs.

Number 2: The channels that Shipstation does not support, will be mapped by Inventory Ahead. When any order on such a channel comes in, Inventory Ahead will send the order to Shipstation, and then the tracking number for this order back to that channel.

Note: Shipstation integration with Inventory Ahead will NOT give you Shipstation’s shipping rate when you will process your order at Inventory Ahead’s “Self Ship Orders”. In such a case the system will use the seller’s account rate.

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