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Shipstation Integration With Inventory Ahead

When navigating to “Selling Channels” on the settings page, there is an option to connect your Ship-station account with Inventory Ahead.

The integration between Ship-station and Inventory Ahead offers two significant benefits.

Number 1: You can track your cost of shipping. When Ship-station is connected, your profit zone automatically includes your shipping costs.

Number 2: The channels that Ship-station does not support, will be mapped by Inventory Ahead. Whenever an order is received from one of these channels, Inventory Ahead will transmit the order to Ship-station. Subsequently, Inventory Ahead will retrieve the tracking number for that order from Ship-station and send it back to the respective channel.


Note: Please be aware that the Ship-Station integration with Inventory Ahead does not provide Ship-Station’s shipping rates when processing orders through Inventory Ahead’s “Self Ship Orders” feature. In such cases, the system will utilize the seller’s account rate for shipping purposes.

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