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Why are my SKUs not coming into Inventory Ahead?

When connecting your stores to Inventory Ahead, it is expected that all your SKUs will be imported within the first 24 hours of the connection. However, if you find that not all of your SKUs were imported, it could be due to a setting that you missed during the account setup process.

On the settings page at “Selling channels” there is an option of “only active products”. When this option is selected, only the products that are active on the marketplace will be imported to your account. If you would like to have all your products, you can unselect this option and you will have all your products in your account. 

When changing this setting, it may take an hour or two for the inactive SKUs to import into your account. Additionally, it may take up to 24 hours for the product data to be imported.

Please keep in mind that when you unselect the option of “Only active products”, all of your products, including inactive listings, will be imported. This will increase the number of SKUs in your account.

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