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Category: Faq

How To Add A Supplier To Inventory Ahead.

    Navigate to the “settings” page from the left-side menu. Select “suppliers” on the settings page. Click on the “Add new supplier” in the top right corner. Fill all

How to download a PDF statement of your PO

  Navigate to the “Purchasing” page and click on the ellipses icon at the right-hand side of the PO to download.    Then select “Download PDF statement”   On the

How to unmap a sub SKU from its main SKU

      Navigate to the products page and click on the “Main” SKU    On the next page, locate and click on the sub-SKU to be removed.  Click “Actions” 

How to convert a SKU to a Kit

On the inventory page, locate the item you wish to convert to a kit. Next, click on the ellipses icon situated in the right-hand corner of the item’s row. From

How to Delete A Purchase Order

Warning: Once deleted, there is no way to retrieve the purchase order. Keep in mind: Once deleted, all costs and receivings will be null and void.

How to Delete Products

How to delete one product: How to delete multiple products: How to delete a mass number of products: If you have a large number of inactive products which you’d like

How to work with amazon removals

Amazon removals work similarly to purchase orders, except for the fact that you cannot edit it; you still have the option to view details, receive inventory, add notes to the

How to map mains & subs in bulk

Navigate to the Products page. Click on the “ellipses icon” at the upper right-hand corner of the page and select the “Up arrow” On the next page, select “Update products”.

What Are Tags and How To Create Them

What are tags? Tags are labels or keywords assigned to a product to help categorize and organize it. Product tags can serve various purposes, such as facilitating easier search and

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