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Category: Products

How to update the cost on your products

Viewed 0 There are two options on how to update the cost for your items:   Option 1: Update Cost on an Individual product   Option 2: Update Cost in

Adding Your Cost Price

Viewed 0 It’s important to remember that every time you create a purchase order the cost will automatically be added, if you need to adjust the price you have to

How to unmap a sub SKU from its main SKU

Viewed 0 Navigate to the products page and click on the “Main” SKU  On the next page, locate and click on the sub SKU to be removed.  Click “Actions”  Then

How to add new products in bulk:

Viewed 0 Please go to the left menu and click on “Products”. After that click on the right side up arrow key to upload the products.  When you click on

How to create a sub SKU

Viewed 0 On the products page, click on the ellipses at the side then select “create sub-SKU” Fill in the information (like adding a new SKU), type in main pieces,

How to assign tags to a product

Viewed 0 From the Inventory page, navigate to the desired product and select “Edit”  Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on “Select Tags” You will see

How to delete items from Inventory Ahead

Viewed 1 On the products page, click on the box on the left-hand side of every SKU you would like to delete. Then, click on “Actions” “delete.” Click “delete.”

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