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Category: Account Setup

Differences Between Location Types On A Warehouse

There are three location types for a warehouse at Inventory Ahead. Type #1:  Address Type #2: Warehouse Type #3: 3’rd Party Warehouse Below is an explanation of the differences between

Changing an FBM product to FBA on Amazon

When changing a product from Fulfilled by Merchant (FBM) to Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) on Amazon, it is necessary to remove the existing inventory rule associated with the product in

Shipstation Integration With Inventory Ahead

When navigating to “Selling Channels” on the settings page, there is an option to connect your Ship-station account with Inventory Ahead. The integration between Ship-station and Inventory Ahead offers two

How to edit your store information

Navigate to the “Settings” page > “Selling channels”. Locate the store to be edited and click on the ellipses  > “Edit”. Enter the desired information and click “Update”.

Explanation on Default stock location

To find your “Default stock location” navigate to the “Settings” page and select “Selling channels” at the top right-hand corner. On the next page, you will find your default stock

How to edit a Warehouse in Inventory Ahead

  Navigate to the settings page.   On the settings page, select “locations”   On the next page, locate the location to be edited, click on the ellipses icon at

How to Deactivate a User

Navigate to “Settings” > “User management”. Locate the user. Under the “Active” column, simply toggle off the active switch.

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